CSD's Business

Power System Control

As one of the core businesses of CSD, it had produced abundant achievements for about half a century since its establishment. We possess a wide range of technologies that cover all kind of power systems, and highly specialized in Power System Analysis from power plants to backbone systems, substations, and smart-meters. With a wide base and high level that is unmatched by other companies, we support the stable supply of electric power in Japan together with major electronics manufacturers


Power Stabilization Systems

This system analyses the oscillations at the time of the accidents, our Power Stabilization Systems obtain the load-flows (trend), voltage, etc. of each power system nationwide by mathematical calculations (AC power flow calculation, the other L method / Y method).

Central Command Operation System

This system has the ability to manage at the highest-level commands for the entire grid of each electric power company. It can manage surplus power and generating power capacity. This includes Power System Simulator and various operational supporting functions.

Large Centralized Control System

A Power Control System that mainly manages the monitoring and control the grid of different power companies. This system has the function of monitoring and turning the terminal power equipment On/Off via remote monitoring and control devices.

Power Distribution Automation System

This system is responsible for the detailed monitoring and control of lower systems (distribution systems) for each power company.

Operator Training Simulator System (Training for Power System Operation)

A system with the function of simulating the same states and events as an actual power system in order to train the operator. Our broad experience allows us to build this kind of simulators, which require extensive knowledge about power system operations.

Power Plant Monitoring and Control Systems (Thermal / Hydro)

A system with the function of monitoring and controlling the amount of power generated by hydroelectric power plants and thermal power plants from different electrical power companies and different power generation producers (mainly thermal power plants).

Dam Monitoring and Control System

A system with the ability to manage the amount of power generated by hydroelectric/ pumped storage power plants by monitoring and calculating rainfall, dam water level, overflow (water estimation), and other variables.