Message from the Chairman

CSD is trusted!  We contribute to the development of society.

Since its establishment in March 1971, CSD has developed its core competence in advanced system development technology cultivated in the electric power distribution field,
and based on this experience and technology,
has expanded its business into the development of social infrastructure systems,
including social, transportation, and industrial systems in addition to those related to electric power.

In recent years, the company has been actively involved in the field of renewable energy and
related energy management systems to realize a low-carbon society.

As an IT company, CSD will take on the challenge of creating even higher value-added solutions to help our customers improve their business efficiency and growth.

In order to achieve this, CSD will enhance its quality control system, gain customer trust,
actively work on acquiring professional skills and the latest technology,
and strive to respond to the market and improve development capabilities from the perspective of Customer Satisfaction (CS).

Based on the Customer Solution Development philosophy embodied in the CSD name,
we will continue to be a trusted partner to our customers and
contribute to the development of their businesses and the realization of a safe, secure, and comfortable society.

Representative Director, Chairman